There’s Only You

We don't always recognise what we have even if others do and because we haven't realised what we've got, we don't appreciate it as much as we should. Just in case you didn't know, there is something you have that other people want and would literally kill for it. You see them as liabilities, flaws... Continue Reading →

Crappy Days

There'll be days you'd want to spend alone. Some days, without your phone. One minute you're up, the next, you're down. You'll feel crappy and flat. You'll feel pumped and alive. Sometimes, you'll want to quit. Other times, you'll have a burning desire to start again. You may not understand it now. You may not... Continue Reading →


I imagine how she felt when she got the call. Late in the night, she had expected none. And when she heard the news, her heartbeat stopped for a minute.... Then she rushed home to the sight of her daughter bleeding. "Mummy, those boys.." She couldn't stop the tears from falling down her cheeks. She... Continue Reading →

Muffled Sounds

And I thought this generation understood that showing compassion does not make you weak. That your God given strength is to protect and not destroy a Temple you didn't build. That taking responsibility is a faster way of resolving conflict. That entitlement has nothing to do with neither masculinity nor femininity. That success is not... Continue Reading →


A THRENODY FOR PAUL Did it hurt knowing you had to say goodbye? Watching time pass before your very eyes? Holding back tears from pouring down your cheeks Remembering your promise that you would not cry?   Eyes closed, you slowly breathed in. Needles unworthily pierced through your skin. Unwavering. No longer a stranger to... Continue Reading →

A Moment Alone

  Remember those moments when you realised you’re on your own then a voice whispers that you are not alone. You know, a lot of people wonder how I cope with the pressure. How do I stay calm in the midst of the storm and not lash out? How do I remain patient, making room... Continue Reading →

Thinking Out Loud

I like people. I like peace. To keep this going, I have to suppress certain emotions, stop myself from saying certain words and refrain from throwing tantrums. . .but I have to confess it is very difficult, even for me. I have been cautioned several times against trusting people. The fact that you share a... Continue Reading →

So Long Dear Friend

I think of you and all we used to do everyday i pray to see you soon you were nott shy you had a soothing smile and everyday you walked into my room you used to talk so loud I’d close my ears it got you laughing sometimes you’d laugh so hard you wouldn’t stop... Continue Reading →

Second to None

It is quite difficult to be supportive of others when they are not supportive of you; when the only time they are truly happy are when good things happen to them. All they talk about is themselves and they are quick to push you or your achievements to the side-line as if they do not... Continue Reading →

I Rise With You

I may not know what you are going through this instant but no matter what it is, you have to find a way to keep going. Even when others fail you, find the strength from within. Yes, there is a time for everything but now is not the time to quit. It may not be... Continue Reading →

Dear Self

Take your time. Do not be in such a hurry to get to your destination that you don’t make out time to enjoy the journey. Make your own decisions. Have a mind of your own. Be prepared to live with the consequences. You can’t be right all the time. Be flexible enough to listen to... Continue Reading →

Today, I Live.

There are days when I have absolutely nothing to say. Words fail and silence becomes my holy grail. I find nothing appealing. Jokes become tasteless. My thoughts and my fantasies are centred on nothingness. Familiar faces become strangers. I draw no strength nor motivation from anywhere. I just cannot wait for the day to end.... Continue Reading →

Like A Flower

Greatness is like a flower and there is lasting beauty in kindness. Of what use are your words if they cannot console me? Of what use are your arms if they cannot hold me? Of what use are your eyes if they never see the good in me? Of what use are your lips if... Continue Reading →

Fierce Alone

I wanted to tell you how I felt but I was afraid you would judge me. Where were you when I needed a hand to hold? You never even said hello. Make it stop. Please make it stop. I screamed and bit my pillow. The only company I had were the voices in my head.... Continue Reading →

Stand Alone Principle

It is okay to want something different. As expected, not everyone will agree with you and not everyone will want to be ‘associated’ with you. It is okay to stand out, to push your own cart, and make your own mistakes. It is okay. Don’t believe otherwise. Many will discourage you not because they have... Continue Reading →


  Lately I have been thinking a lot. I have been getting to know and appreciate myself even better. I have realised that no one can love me better. No one knows me in and out like I do. I have owned my mistakes. I have accepted my past. I look forward to my future.... Continue Reading →

Pursuing Perfection

Perfection is the state or quality of being perfect. Being perfect entails being free from faults or defects. It means having all the desired qualities, lacking absolutely nothing. It sounds like a good thing, doesn’t it? Picture it. A life without mistakes or any complain whatsoever, perfect job, a body to die for, skin that... Continue Reading →


Woman, You are beautiful. There is no one else like you in the universe. No mortal should make you feel otherwise. A delightful girl, a lady with style, an exceptional woman with class- all wrapped in one with a purple ribbon on it. That is you. A special gift to the world. Your many experiences... Continue Reading →


I don't know what you are going through. I may not know what you have had to let go of in order to get to where you are now. I obviously do not have the answers to all of your questions. You may be at your very best or you are probably at your worst.... Continue Reading →

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