Be Better For You.

#TiHrillers You'd be surprised to find out the number of true friends you have in your pool of friendship. Whether they admit it or not, only a few people have your best interest at heart. So there really is no point going all out trying to impress the lot. Cut your losses. Do away with... Continue Reading →

Young, Confused and Crazy

Purrrrrlease, have a healthy dose of self-esteem! Being in a relationship is not a do or die affair. You shouldn’t have to force someone else to love you. Love is a natural disposition. If it does not happen naturally, take a walk with head held up high and a red pair of heels (for the... Continue Reading →


Some men need more lessons on how to treat a woman right. An upgrade is recommended in case they forgot. A complete reorientation and maybe brain cell transplant if possible. Seriously. I see no reason why you’re nice to her, call her often, send her sms with more contents than a newspaper, miss her whenever... Continue Reading →

Thought 123

Sometimes …every now and then, as women, we like to feel chased. To feel as though we are wanted and the world at large would be a big ball of misery without us. We like to feel not just the closeness of another skin but the warmth of kind words from our men. It is... Continue Reading →

Men and Their Hotels

  There’s something that worries me and that is the issue of men thinking it’s okay to try to hook up with me in a hotel. Let’s be honest, it’s not like I’m trying to be a naive little girl. I know what goes on in hotel rooms. I admit, I might feel differently if... Continue Reading →

Men With The B.O.Y. Syndrome

This may sound a bit odd but I am baffled at the way some men think. We live in a world where the society accommodates hypocrisy. I really believe that when you get to a certain point in your life, you cease to think the way you would have if you were born in the... Continue Reading →

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