The M Word

Sometimes the elements are just not in your favour. You invite this cute brotha who has a crush on you home and he shows're glad. He makes himself at home. Thankfully, there is light (electricity). He doesn't want to stress you so he requests for light refreshment while you turn the music up. He... Continue Reading →

Crazy About…

BASED ON A TRUE STORY. Something happened in Church the other day and for the first time in forever, I regretted being a lady. First of all, everyone who knows me knows how much I love food. My senses come alive at the sight of food and my imagination heightens once the aroma hits my... Continue Reading →

Who E Epp?

  Don’t you ever and I repeat don’t you ever leave your house with an empty stomach! Do not try it. I almost fainted when I did. Well, it was not intentional. Far from it! I do love food even though its effect becomes visible and invisible as the body pleases (story for another day).... Continue Reading →

Why Oh Why

  So. . .Im in the company of guys gisting away when a certain young man walks into the circle, shakes hands with the rest of the guys and waves to me …like seriously? Why do some men do that? I’m not paralysed or anything. I mean, I know how to make use of my... Continue Reading →

The Weirdest Thing

I have a bad habit of not saying what I want to say when I ought to say it only to go back home and ponder on what I should’ve said and getting myself all worked up for not saying it when I should’ve said it. Does this make sense? I dunno. I think it’s... Continue Reading →

A Wonderful Day That Was.

  It was indeed an interesting day at work one Friday. I woke up feeling fly and ready to delight the world. I got into the office, wrote my three names boldly on the Register just so my colleagues and supervisors would see how early I had reported to work and I said to myself the... Continue Reading →

Your Next Action Hero

  At some point in my life, I was consistently having  incredible dreams. A while ago I saw myself starring in some action movies. Now, when one of those movies happen to be Fast and Furious 7, you don’t need an oracle to tell you it’s malaria but it’s all good, I subjected my body to... Continue Reading →

Just My Friggin Luck

  So…you walk into the bank to lay your complaint and you’re hoping to get the chance to talk to a cute customer service agent (who’s male by the way) but the only one available is a beautiful lady who is friendly but definitely not male! After you’re done, it starts raining. You’re stuck at... Continue Reading →

One of those days in Ojota

I visited a friend at Ojota sometime ago. It was my first time in that part of Lagos..yes, its official..I do not go out that often. Anyway, before I left I made sure my friends knew where I was headed and who I was visiting, you know, just in case (hehehe). The distance was not... Continue Reading →

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