Curiosity killed the cat………………………………….kidding!

It is a pleasure having you here.

Few things you should know before we get started.

1.) Favourite Quote: “Out of darkness a chink of light can shine.”
These were words spoken by someone who had been going through some trying times. It is amazing how some people can deal with their losses, be at peace despite the turbulence and still stay strong enough to motivate others.

2.) When everything else seems to fall apart, hope is all we have left.
It is a fire that should never stop burning, a treasureΒ within every heart. Where there is hope, there is a reason to stay strong.
There is a purpose in carrying on.

3.) Having someone who listens, motivates, inspires and makes you smile or laugh in your corner can go a long way. So, this is me hoping to inspire someone somewhere somehow with soothing words, weird humour and all things bright and beautiful.

How would you like to be TiHrilled? #winks

Click the Categories on the menu and see how.

Let’s keep it going, TiHrillers!

Faith. Hope. Love.

Edikan KinZa
(Creative Consultant, TIHblog)


P. S.

Don’t forget your comments/thoughts/hellos are welcomed and very much appreciated PLUS feel free to contact me by filling the Contact Form with your details and send in your stories too. I would love to be inspired by you. Thank you so much!

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I can also be reached personally on:

Twitter: @Edykinza

Instagram: edikan_kinza

Facebook: Edikan KinZa




6 thoughts on “WELCOME TO TIH

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  1. I have followed your rise since as far back as I can remember, and I have read with keen interest how your inspiring notes grow in strength by each publish.
    Kinza, you are simply ‘A God-sent’, thanks a lot.


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