The Many Things I Miss

Tired of the blames.
Tired of the games.
I am so ashamed.
I should’ve done this then.

I let you slip away
Instead of begging you to stay.
I slept alone in bed.
All through the rainy days.

The storm is not over.
And it’s cold under the covers
Cause you’re not here with me.
There are so many things I miss.

I miss your warm body next to mine.
Your little toes and pretty smile.
Your hearty laugh. The glint in your eyes.
Your lips, your feet, your fingertips.

I miss the way that you talk.
The way you prance nervously all over the place.
We used to dance before you walk out the door.
You’d turn back and wave once again
because you knew I was watching.

Here I am reminiscing
With you, I only cried happy tears
And now, seeing you with someone else.
I’m reminded of the many things I miss.

Photo Credit: Google Images

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