Young, Confused and Crazy

Purrrrrlease, have a healthy dose of self-esteem!

Being in a relationship is not a do or die affair. You shouldn’t have to force someone else to love you. Love is a natural disposition. If it does not happen naturally, take a walk with head held up high and a red pair of heels (for the ladies).

Young people are so full of life yet they get to make all the wrong decisions especially when it comes to matters of the heart. The other day, a young girl was reported to have stabbed her boyfriend close to the heart which led to internal bleeding and subsequently death because she suspected him of cheating on her. Another was reported to have drunk a dangerous substance to end her life because of a sour relationship.

Growing up in the present economy is enough difficulty, do not make it much harder by making avoidable mistakes and resorting to violence and rebellion when things do not go your way. The fact that everyone you know or associate with happen to be rebellious or are cool with rebellion and act so raving mad does not automatically mean you should jump on that bus. Is there really nobody who has an atom of sanity around you?

You can make a difference near or far. You can stand out by not blending in. You can only make right decisions when you are level headed. Yes, you are told to not give up on certain people and you may even feel it is your duty to pick them up, throw them over your shoulder and walk the path with them but think again, maybe it is time to dissociate and break out from that relationship. Maybe it is only when you rewrite your story that others would be inspired to rewrite theirs. You cannot force change on people no matter how good your intentions are. You can only change yourself. You, my dear, cannot improve on who you are when you do not have positive influencers in your circle. These ones can pull you out from that bus and push you to fly.

For the love of all things bright and beautiful, make the right choices. Listen to that still voice. Don’t add to the figures. Don’t be young, confused and crazy at the same time.

Photo Credit: Google Images

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