Keep Love Alive

Written by Glorya Patrick


I learnt something in church yesterday….that the reason for some failed marriages or relationships in general is SELFISHNESS. Which brings me to something I had thought of writing on.

Lemme make an illustration:
If you plant a flower in a pot and place it on your balcony, you water it and it blossoms, then three weeks later, you stop watering it.
Every morning, you go to check the flower but you don’t water it…no matter how many times in a day, you go to just check on that flower without watering it, it will shrink and then die.

You are in a relationship, you claim to love the person, yet you keep doing things that hurt your partner like unfaithfulness, disrespect, physical and verbal assault….. you expect them to condon your BS while you keep feeding them with “I love you, I’ll change” and you make no effort to change.

Brotherly….sisterly…. listen, people will finally be tired of your crap.
Do you even think about how burdensome it is for them to put up with your actions?

If you love that person, then why frustrate ’em?
Please, let’s quit being selfish, insensitive, procrastinative, taking people for granted…..and let’s sacrifice more.

Yours Sincerely,
Glorya Patrick

Photo Credit: Google Images

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