Every Journey is A Story

Look at it this way: everything that happened, happened for a reason.
I know it’s almost cliche but that’s exactly how it’s meant to be.


All the times you tried and failed, the tears, the sweat, the life-sucking pressure and everything else you had to face were not to pin you down-not for too long anyway. See it as a test of strength. If you are still here, then you are one brave, strong human.

If you’re up on your feet already. It can only mean that you are resilient and determined and I applaud you for that.

If you are still struggling on that path you’re on. You are not alone.
Refuse to quit.
Build on the lessons you have learnt.
It will get better, you’ll see.

Think of your journey as one of those things you had to go through today so that you will have a more interesting story to tell tomorrow.
You will be alright.
I have no doubt that you will.


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