We Are All Broken Bowls

-By Chinenye Azubuike

When a bowl is broken in Japan, it is put back together with the cracks being filled with gold creating a beautiful lining.


This is to emphasize the beauty in what was once broken. They believe that when something has suffered damage and has a history, it makes it more beautiful and same goes for human beings.

Everything you’ve been through, everything that you’re going through doesn’t make your life uglier. Although it may seem that way when we are going through it, it is up to us to choose to paint our struggles with gold and make it beautiful.

You’re not broken beyond repair. You can pick yourself up and learn from what happened and be a better person from it. Learn to wear your scar proudly as a scar of honour.


When what you’ve been through is an inspiration for other people, then its all worth it.

I was asked to tell you this.


Written by Chinenye Azubuike

Photo Credit: Google Images

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