On Making Intentional Decisions

I met two kids today.
They were arguing and exchanging words.
In that squabble, one hit the other and the other started to cry.

I asked the impulsive one why he had to graduate from talking with his mouth to using his hands.
He had nothing much to say- except that he did not know how else to get the other one to stop. He said that he was stimulated by the actions of the other one and he had no choice but to go violent.

He lied.

I see aggresive people everywhere and I wonder how they got there.
I wonder if nobody has ever told them about the deterrent nature of aggression.
You act a certain way because you want to and if you want to, you can.
It is a choice.

We all have choices.
Sadly, we don’t always make the right ones.

No one is born with self-control, we choose to learn how to make intentional decisions as we grow.


In one quick second, you can decide internally, to not act a certain way no matter the external pressure.

In that little space between stimulus and response, we have the power to choose how we want a misunderstanding (for instance) to end: violently or peacefully.

The situation is not to blame.
It is us who go ahead to make hotheaded decisions because of the situation even though we have the power to deliberately choose our actions and consequently, reactions.

Our growth and freedom is embedded in our response to whatever has been thrown at us.

Choose to go the violent way, and somebody gets hurt, including yourself.

Do you still think you have no control over your actions?

Is it possible to not stoop as low as hurting someone else just because?

I still ask, whatever happened to humanity?


Photo Credit: Google Images

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