Muffled Sounds

And I thought this generation understood that showing compassion does not make you weak.
That your God given strength is to protect and not destroy a Temple you didn’t build.
That taking responsibility is a faster way of resolving conflict.
That entitlement has nothing to do with neither masculinity nor femininity.
That success is not sex-specific.
That wisdom is not age-specific.
That what is not good is evil.
That what is evil should be condemned and not condoned.

I thought this generation understood the value of life, education, of labour and of service.
That there is nothing special about gender but there is great pride in raising godly children.
That honour, love and respect are inseparable.
That a good reputation is better than ill gotten riches.

I thought this generation understood that ignorance is no longer an excuse with information at your fingertips.
That power does not only belong to the elites.
That there may be many battles to be fought but some cannot be won.
That patience and perseverance have their own reward.
That every man, woman and child is special
And they owe it to themselvesΒ  to unlock and develop their potentials.
That the future is not a function of the past or what you have been taught or made to believe.
That times have changed and you have the ability to learn, unlearn and relearn.
That inner resistance to change only gives rise to failure and diseases of the mind.

I thought this generation understood the power of a pen and the magic in a few words.
That there is no shame in saying no when you are expected to say yes.
That being different is not a crime.
That determination is key but lack of self control is a perpetual sin.

I really thought this generation understood that true beauty is unseen.
That an orphan’s cry never goes unheard and a widow’s tears never falls unnoticed.
That there is no peace for the wicked.
Plant a seed, harvest a hundredfold.
That a leader is first and forever a servant.
That violence is never the answer and indiscipline never goes unpunished.
That the fulfilment of real love is in giving not in taking.
That happiness comes with intent.
That the journey of life is not always a smooth one
But love remains the greatest gift.

I thought this generation understood.
Why don’t they act like they do?



Photo(s) Credit: Google Images

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