Who E Epp?


Don’t you ever and I repeat don’t you ever leave your house with an empty stomach!

Do not try it.
I almost fainted when I did. Well, it was not intentional. Far from it! I do love food even though its effect becomes visible and invisible as the body pleases (story for another day).

It started very slowly.
Kinda like what you see in romantic movies where the couple are all cosy in their car coming back from their date night, smiling and admiring the little brown hair in each others ears just before they accidentally hit a truckload of tomatoes.

It was also like listening to very beautiful orchestra in a peaceful park and getting very close to connecting with the celestial beings when suddenly someone from nowhere humane drives by verrry slowly in a rickety bus.

..and like dreaming of having a private time with a certain crush who you are very sure may never give you attention in reality and just when it feels like that crush is beginning to crush on you and walk towards you with a playful smile someone as insensitive as gravel taps you to tell you that “Nepa has brought light so you can finally charge your phone”.

It started very slowly then suddenly everything was blurry, my tummy *knocked* and my tongue was tied.
The most fascinating yet unbearable thing was that light complexioned people looked like lightning..and they seemed to be everywhere!
Now I truly understand what it means to be “Light-complexioned”.
Imagine looking at people’s faces only to see flashes of light-literally- even though they were not looking at you and probably did not even notice the effect they had on you but you’re there blinking and desperately trying to look and act as normal as you possibly can when they walk by you.
I started to wish they were on a different planet. No offense. It’s just how I felt at the time!
My knees buckled and fatigue set in. I couldn’t speak. All I could do was lean on the shoulder next to mine and pray that I don’t make a scene by falling flat on my face in public.
My mind started to play pranks on me. Every object were in duplicates. The ground was shaky and black. I thought I was strong but it was getting harder to stand or look at people by the minute.
Water became my best friend. A gentleman offered me a seat which I gladly accepted.

I started to think about my life. In just one moment everything can change. A moment of madness can leave you blind for eternity. You could forever lose or win a friend.
All it takes is one moment.

Gradually everything started to make sense. I kept murmuring “Like play like play” and thanking God until my strength returned and it was time to go home. I heaved a sigh of relief. Next time I will listen to that tiny voice in my head telling me to eat before going anywhere.
Hunger. Who has it helped?

#Singing Olamide’s Who You Epp.

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