When Desire Becomes An Addiction

We all want different things and so we entertain different thoughts. These thoughts have a way of controlling us and control in itself is never a good thing.

When something controls you, you tend to lose sense of who you really are. It is no longer just a desire. You lose sleep over it. You snap at anyone who tries to steer you away from that path and everyone who tries to be of help to you becomes the enemy. You do not listen. You don’t think it through. You feel you know it all. You believe you have it all under control. You cannot go forward and you can’t go back. Your desire has elevated to an addiction and it is difficult to retrace your steps because you are stuck.

During that blind process, it is possible that some friends got tired of sticking around and decided it was best to leave you to your fate. In that pool of friends may be someone very special. He or she tried to tell you in different ways. There are many ways to communicate- sometimes through action, sometimes words. Great people know when to use what to use but you were not listening. You never listen. Instead you had succeeded in pushing away these people who care about you.

When someone admonishes you, it doesn’t mean he or she loves you any less. It means he or she adores you and loves you too much to want to sit back and watch you hurt yourself or anyone else. They may take drastic actions and they may even use unfiltered words that may cut deep but only to snap you back to reality and save you from that ditch of insanity. Try to listen every now and then. Don’t be bitchy about it. Drown the ego and absorb reason. You don’t have to be full of yourself in order to appreciate who you are. Yours should not be the only voice that has to be heard.

There are tons of external pressure and it is very easy to succumb but if you are lucky enough to have friends who live above the standards, one or more people who have a good head on their shoulder, whose desires are that each other does well, then they may not have been the problem in the first place. There is nothing wrong with being ambitious. The only thing is, you cannot succeed by doing it alone. We all need help in achieving our goals or fulfilling our dreams at some point but you have to realise that by yourself so you can ask for it thereby reducing the pressure on your mind.


A problem shared is a problem half solved. Life comes with a lot of baggage and it is too much for one man to carry so be more trusting, be more open and you just might get what you really want without having to lose yourself or people who truly care about you in the process.



Photos Credit: Google Images

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