One of those days in Ojota

I visited a friend at Ojota sometime ago. It was my first time in that part of Lagos..yes, its official..I do not go out that often. Anyway, before I left I made sure my friends knew where I was headed and who I was visiting, you know, just in case (hehehe).

The distance was not as long as I had anticipated, probably due to the fact that it was a Sunday with low traffic. Thirty minutes and I had reached my destination.

I stopped at the bus stop, made a call and got my bearing. Walking into the market closeby was a little scary. I admit, I felt out of place and it was not because of my complexion or dress code either. I guess it is safe to say that if  a kidnap was going on,  I would have been mistaken  for someone else. Plus, the long look the traders gave me would make even a skeleton in mourning very nervous..but I survived.

So, I eventually found an okada ready to go and I told him where I was headed. It has been a while since I sat on a I am so relieved and thankful I opted to put on jeans instead of the short tight gown I had worn earlier. Sitting there in silence, I ponder ” …why am I seeing double figures on the walls?I mean, I remember I had told him no. 8…is that not no. 54 I am staring at? Should I panic?”.  Then with  a gentle voice I ask him why    it is taking so long to get there and he says “no be number 80 we dey go?”. I almost wept. I know I have an history of speaking too fast or low and also finding it difficult locating a place but seriously? Number 8? Number 80? Really?Eventually he turns back and drops me off at the right address.

Needless to say I had a great time reuniting with some great pals. Lunch was served with juice on the side. Oh, did I mention I love food? What is it with guys asking ladies just before they pick up their cutlery- “I hope it is not too much for you?”. Come on! That is a complete turn off! I was quite ready to proceed with my ‘excavation’ but that statement reminded me to act like a lady in public. There goes my food! So much for hospitality.

Anyway, I saw an interesting movie, went out for a icecream, said  my goodbyes, crossed the busy road and boarded a bus back to Akoka.

…and no, it was not as easy or as smooth as it sounds.

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