No Mas


You are not allowed to be selfish especially when you are in a relationship.

It ought to be give and take and nothing else.

You can’t show little or no concern towards the wellbeing of your partner and expect to be treated fairly.

In all sincerity, you should not expect support when it comes to seeing your dreams through when you knowingly or unknowingly sideline the dreams of your partner.

No. You are not allowed to act like that.
You’re not dealing with a rock, we all have feelings even though some of us are getting very good at suppressing them.

If you want to be happy, you both have to respect,nurture and support each other’s dreams and aspirations no matter how insignificant they may seem.

If you cannot adjust or adapt, please keep riding solo.
Stop complicating lives!
Kindly stop.

No More!


Image Credit: Google Images

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