A Million Dollar Change

If you find yourself stuck in a spot for too long, it is time to self-evaluate. Look within and around you. Question your connections and network. Are the friends you have really the friends you need. It is not an achievement having a million friends yet none you can trust or vouch for, none who are sincerely looking out for you, none who try to elevate or inspire you.

Understand that you have to be in the right atmosphere in order for your greatness to come out. A million dollars without a million dollar mind set cannot change your life.

It is not as hard as it seems to be. Take that decision. Start by making that million dollar change.

If I should boast of anything, it would not be about how many degrees I have bagged, how many cities I have toured or how many countries I have visited (which sadly is equal to zero). No. If I should boast of anything in the world, it would be about how much my family loves me and the few good friends I have who adore me. This in itself pushes me to aim higher.

What aboutΒ you?

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