A little act of kindness.

A little seed of gratitude

A little show of affection

A little bit of love

A little of everything good can generate a lot of good things.



A little spark of anger.

A little tear of sadness

A little unmet desire.

A little voice of resentment.

A little of everything bad can generate a lot of bad things.


We war among ourselves. Tearing down walls.

What are we fighting for? What happened to us all?

Why do we constantly have to choose what side to be on?

Why can’t we be at peace no matter the religion?


You are on the other side of the fence

But you are not my enemy.

There is only one gospel I preach.

Unity. Make that your call of duty.


We are important. We have the power to kill or heal.

With our hands we can remodel, destroy or build.

There is so much we can achieve.

If we are undivided along the lines of race, sex, colour of skin.


Some say we are born good.

Others say we are born bad.

I say, we are born human.

Being humane is up to us.



Photo Credit: Google Images

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