Happy people are only happy half the time.

‘Pressure builds up where there is no outlet.’

I saw that when I stumbled on Pastor Paul Adefarasin’s page. By the way, at the end of this write up I have a confession. I know some of you will jump right to the end. smh. Continue. Anyway. Where were we? Yes. Pressure.

Pressure builds up where there is no outlet, he said and in just few words he revealed what I had in my heart. There’s is a lot going on. Some people have it worse than others. While some know how to manage it, others don’t and they become a danger to themselves and to others as well. You see all these beautiful people walking around? They probably have a big dent in their heart that you obviously cannot see but if the perfect opportunity pops up, they would unveil their true selves to you.

I have had encounters with people who are so lost and confused and unsure of themselves or the environment they find themselves in such that they do not even answer to greetings, at first you would think they are just being haughty but you could be wrong. Of course, some people are too proud to respond. It’s quite easy to spot these ones but a dispirited individual always manifests in more ways than one.

Notwithstanding, there are people out there who don’t want anything other than just to talk to you, to share their feelings with you, hoping that you can talk them through whatever they are going through without any hint of judgement but your approach and attitude ends up doing the opposite.

Most of us want to be with someone we can relate with; we want to be around people who have had similar experiences or same interests probably committed the same crime or sins yea, call them sinners. Sinners want to make friends with sinners like them because they have something in common-sin.

I have thought about how it would be if I ended up in jail. I’m getting twisted, I think I should stop watching movies like this. lol. Seriously though, from the few movies I’ve watched, I don’t think murderers like rapist. Like, there is a hierarchy for every crime in prison. People who kill for instance brag about the number of people they killed yet they detest rapist. I was shocked at first. They called these set of criminals scums because they saw their actions as despicable since they wouldn’t take up people of their sizes- they had chosen victims who were weak and cowardice was a crime in itself.

Even among the murderers, there are those who hate people who killed children and women but embrace those who killed men of similar build or strength. Again, I was shocked. I mean, I used to think murder was murder among murderers but I guess I still have a lot to learn- but not in jail.

Point is, for us to get along we have to find a common ground. Thirsty people go where they can find water. People who grope in the dark struggle towards the light but often times instead of the light that ought to draw these set of people to you, your aura of arrogance blinds them instead. Yes, you may have the answer they need and they honestly want to come close to you but you keep putting them off, sometimes you unintentionally push them away so they go back and forth trying to find a way but they are unable to break that wall that you have set up and then they give up and pitch their tents next to the other sinners because they make them feel less worthless and more comfortable.

It may not happen all the time but when it does, allow it. When they come to you, do not brush them aside. Give people room to rant. Happy people are not happy half the time. There may be so many things bottled up. The pressure gets to them too. You may have the answers but you don’t just throw the solution at people, you try to understand them first. You never shut them up-never.

I absent-mindedly put a lid on a big container that contained hot water in a bid to remove traces of red oil in it and I began to shake the container. It inflated, made sizzling sounds, inflated some more and it would have ruptured on me or changed shape permanently had I not realised it at the nick of time and removed the lid. Pressure. Pressure builds up where there is no outlet. What happens next? Explosion.

Depression doesn’t just happen. It occurs overtime. Its chronic nature makes it hard to decipher at what point it may have started until a suicide note is found under the pillow. There are many other ways to explode. This is just one and it’s not a good one.

Let’s try to take each other seriously sometimes. Not everything is a joke. Not everything is as it seems. She smiles all the time, you assume she has no reason to cry. He’s healthy, you assume he has no health condition. He’s fat, you assume he is not hungry. Just kidding. hehehe.

Try to understand people first. Ask questions too. Don’t assume. Don’t even try being a Judge. You haven’t walked in their shoes. See from their perspective, no matter how blurred and together proffer a long lasting solution.

Again, give them room to rant when they choose to.

Do not shut them up for any reason.

..and if you are under some kind of pressure, there is always a positive energy no matter how insignificant it may seem. Tap into that and you will come out stronger and more powerful. Choose the right outlet. Talk to the right people. Get help from the right sources. If you are brave enough to share, you are strong enough to face just about anything. Don’t stop now. There is always a better way. Okay?

Pressure builds where there is no outlet, keep that in mind this beautiful day.





Confession: I followed ‘him’ because he is a man with class, a cool dude with fab vocab if I may add and he is fiiiiine. C’mon, who doesn’t like fine things huh? I’m sure I’m not alone in this. lol

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  1. YA following man abi? Hmmm.. Anyways, it’s importantwe don’t judge people by the way they look. We should always give people some slack. Give them opportunities to talk to us. Listen.. YOu neve know whose life you may be saving by listening


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