Like No One Else Can

Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.’ – Sigmund Freud

Forget what you have been told. It is not the end of the road. There may be many potholes along the way and the storm may look threatening but unless you are where you want to be, where you imagine you could be- on firm ground staring at clear skies-you are yet to reach your destination.

You will get frustrated. You will get weak. You will have many regrets and very few friends. Find strength even in your weakness. You’ve read or heard the story of Disney. How in his lowest of lows he found inspiration in the most unlikely of places.

No one can do it better but you. Assume no one else has been where you’ve been and do the rest of the world a huge favour by pulling through. Be the first of your kind. Be the light this dark world desperately needs. Be the solution, do not add to the problem. We’ve had too many already.

Pick yourself up from where you are. Are you not tired of grumbling and wallowing in pain when you can get angry enough to turn things around? Dare to lift yourself up even when no one else offers a hand. Don’t just hang in there. Make a move. One sluggish move every minute can make all the difference.

No one else will do it for you. Have a mind-set that no one else can love you better and in your chosen field, no one else can do it better. It is only when you have realised this that you can be practical enough to extend it to others- lifting each other, inspiring each other and being there for each other and when you find yourself in a relationship, be the standard and love like no one else can love better-that is the only acceptable form of love.


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