Love has no inmates

 Love is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? It is one emotion that should never go out of season.

It feels so good loving someone and being loved in return. Having that special person tell you that you mean the whole world to him or her, overlooking your flaws, denouncing your faults, understanding your naughty-and-nice and loving you regardless is really something special.

A lot of people seem to have found love recently. It is a good deviation from hate and that is a welcomed development every time especially for me because I’m all about love and peace and happiness and all that mushy stuff. lol. Many people look at the love concept from different angles. There are many sayings about love that I have taken cognizance of and would like to share just a few. Some I agree with, some I do not. Some I still ponder on.

Love is beautiful. What makes it so? The feeling of having someone with whom you can bare your soul without any fear of being judged is priceless. Loving someone and having someone love you is the best feeling in the world. Love can be the bridge between death and life itself. When you are down and out, love has a way of making you strong, you get back on your feet, breathe and carry on.

Love is complicated. This is something we hear all the time. I have a little concern. Yes, we know it is a beautiful thing. What I don’t understand is why some people give room to third party opinions when it comes to their relationships. No one chooses when or who to fall in love with and the idea that you need another person’s opinion or approval in a matter of your happiness is absurd. Does that mean I consent to friend stabbing friend relationships just because they are in pursuit of their own happiness? No. I think that is just being cunning and selfish and in no way portrays the true essence of love. They just give love a bad name. Love is not complicated in itself, sometimes it is only the heart that is incomprehensible.

Love is a mystery. It is right in front of our eyes and deep within our hearts yet it eludes some people. Why is that? Why are we not open to love? Why do we have our reservations? Why are we not willing to try or demystify it? Why don’t we have the patience needed in matters such as this?

Love is pain. Well, I refuse to believe in this. Love should make you strong. Even though the U.S. Marines have a quote which says that pain is weakness leaving the body, I don’t think they were talking about love. Love should not hurt nor take pride in inflicting pain-emotional, physical or otherwise. Love should be the calm in the storm and not trigger the storm. It is not self-serving.

Love has no inmates. I heard this very recently. It is one of the weirdest but truthful words about love I know. You do not need other people taking up space in your life every now and then. Love is a personal journey. People should not have the liberty of dictating to you what to do with your heart. You cannot round up every Tom, Dick and Harry in these matters. There is only room for two. You and your partner. Two grown-ups. Two people rational enough to think for themselves and act accordingly. Someone once mentioned that he has friends who show up at his place at any time of the day to empty his pot and that when he gets married, his spouse will not be able to stop them. She would have no choice and he is in fact not going to push it and I am like, what?!!!! Is that how it ought to be? How will it end? -in praise or tragically? Anyway, that is not my definition of a good love story.

Love is considerate.

Love puts the other person’s feelings first.

Love is sensible.

Love is not a war but it is definitely something worth fighting for.

Love draws the best out of two people but is not limited to just two people.

If you have not found love yet, I hope it finds you soon. There is nothing as sweet, tender and powerful as love and that is my wish for you.



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