Stand Alone Principle

It is okay to want something different.
As expected, not everyone will agree with you and not everyone will want to be ‘associated’ with you. It is okay to stand out, to push your own cart, and make your own mistakes. It is okay. Don’t believe otherwise. Many will discourage you not because they have the best of plans for you but because they don’t want to see you move on or do better than them. Some people already have a picture of your defeat at the back of their minds and follow it up by discouraging you and telling you what you can or cannot do. Don’t let them get to you.


You don’t have to follow the trend. You don’t have to do what others are doing just because it seems as though they are winning. Where’s the sense of self fulfilment in that? What’s the point losing yourself trying to be someone else when time is fleeting and before you know it, you are old and grey and full of regrets? Lone trees are still beautiful and strong, independent of the other trees lining the park plus they support just as many branches too.


Genuine happiness is paramount. It cannot be replaced by popularity or anything else for that matter. Should you continue walking in another person’s shadow out of fear, fear of standing out or fear of being alone, fear of being kicked out from the squad, you would be wasting ample time- time you could’ve used developing and adding value to yourself, working and fulfilling your dreams and aspirations.

Silhouette of a woman standing on a rock at night overlooking th

If you believe in something, stay true but that does not mean you should neglect others in so doing. You can carry them along but keep your eyes open and your ears on the ground and of course keep going strong. The thing about passion or a great idea is that no matter the amount of criticism you get, you do not succumb nor relent because there is a fire inside of you, a force pushing you to achieve no matter how silly it may be to other people.
Filter those you allow into your life and what you let into your mind, have a positive disposition towards others but also learn to stand alone especially when it matters.
It is easy to stand with the crowd even though you may never get noticed but it takes courage to stand alone.
Have a clear goal, stay focus and keep at it, who knows, you could be the last one standing.

Heads up!


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