On the surface everything looks good. What matters most is what is in the heart.

I have been doing some pep talk. I told myself that no matter what, no one and nothing would make me look down on myself for any reason.
I refuse to conform to the ways of others just because they think I should. I have got to live for myself and learn to love who I am. It might not be easy getting rid of all the bad habits I acquired over the years (no details) but I have resolved to at least try.
Everyone surely can relate to the “art” of telling lies. To pull it off it takes years of experiences. Of course, simple lies have the ability to complicate lives. Never in a million years will this make me a better person.  Yea, I guess it may take me places but I know I know I can’t get so far with that. Sooner than later, lies catch up with liars and I’m not sure I want to be suffocated for any reason.
There’s no point losing control of my life or having to just sit back and watch the happiness drain out of me bit by bit over something as insane as that.
I know I have to make some changes starting with my mind.
I want to be gentle and tender, kind and full of compassion, merciful and thankful.
I want to be ready to forgive instead of bearing one grudge after another.  I want so much to make peace with my past and also get rid of every bit of anger and of hatred but I also have to be sensible, sensitive and smart.
I really dont think it’s best to allow the bitterness of yesterday determine how I live today.
What I don’t want is to be mean and  bad tempered, to live for others as though they were me, to pay attention to the opinions of others instead of listening to the voice of reason within.
I really want to love myself some more instead of loving the idea of other people loving me or acting like me.
I have to let love guide my life, make myself better and try to stay positive even when it seems as if negativity is being thrown right at me.
I know very well that not everyone who smiles at me is actually cheering for me. That is the sad fact of life. Everybody else has his or her battles to face and it helps to choose your battles wisely if you can. So, I am going to let trivial issues stay trivial.
I don’t intend to wait for my mess to be cleaned up. With my hands and a little faith, I will build what was destroyed, fix what was broken and melt what was frozen.
I choose to be happy.
I choose to keep the faith.
I choose to be a better version of me.
I choose to have a heart strong enough to handle the pressures of hate;
To remain sane in the midst of insanity.
I choose, not because I can.. but because I must.

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