bouncing back

Recently, I read an article about failed marriages, and of course, issues such as domestic violence, child abuse et cetera seem to always make headlines these days. Although I find all these issues disturbing, I don’t wish to write about the crimes today, instead, I’d like to focus on the victims.

The society we find ourselves in make us who we are. Most Β times its up to us to decide what we want for ourselves and find ways to get where we want. David Brinkley once said “a successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at Β him”. In other words, you won’t always have it easy, but what you do with that knowledge is the link between where you are now and where you wanna be.

It is impossible to go through this life without making mistakes, Β it is quite impossible to always make the right decisions, even good people make bad decisions but this, no matter what we choose to believe, does not cut us off from God’s love.
We cannot all be perfect, (Jesus already is!). I know men such as David, Naboth, Solomon, Job and many others in the Bible who were not even close to perfection but were used by God just the way they were.
There are situations where some had it easy and smooth in the beginning but ended up with absolutely nothing. Some start out poorly but their end is greater than their beginning and some even start out well in the beginning, mess up somewhere in the middle but bounce back in the end.

I realise its not easy to let go of the hurt and pain. I know its not easy to forgive but the stronger man knows that it is more important to forgive than it is to fight.

God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness but we have to choose to bounce back and remember there is hope while we are still living.

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